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If your company’s financials aren’t adding up as they should, chances are it won’t be long before the authorities start demanding explanations. An investigation is likely to ensure, and it’s possible that you could be arrested and charged with a white collar crime if investigators believe you’re to blame.

Whether you are aware that your financial activity is under investigation or have already been arrested and/or charged with a crime, you need legal representation to defend your freedom in court. At Enlow Law, our criminal defense practice is capable of addressing the needs of those who are accused of white collar crimes.

These offenses are often nonviolent crimes that are strictly financial in nature, but they can be punished just as severely as most violent crimes. To preserve your best possible chances for mitigating your charges or defeating accusations against you, reach out to our white collar crime lawyers in Tulsa for assistance.

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What Is Considered a White Collar Crime in Tulsa?

White collar crimes are non-violent offenses that are strictly financial in their nature. They typically involve the perpetrator engaging in illegal and underhanded behavior to obtain some sort of financial gain.

Commonly prosecuted white collar crimes involve the following:

  • Fraud – Criminal deception that results in financial gain.
  • Embezzlement – Stealing or misappropriating assets belonging to an employer, business partner, or client.
  • Identity Theft – Using someone else’s sensitive information (Name, Address, Social Security Number, etc.) to achieve a financial objective.
  • Money Laundering – Illegally transferring money to conceal its original source.
  • Bribery – Offering someone an illegal incentive for favorable treatment.
  • Insider Trading – Trading securities based on privileged information not known to the general public.
  • Forgery – Creating fake documents or signatures on such documents.
  • Blackmail – Threatening to use embarrassing or damaging information about someone unless they provide payment or a service.
  • Tax Evasion – Defrauding the Internal Revenue Service to avoid paying what would otherwise be one’s lawful tax liability.

What Are The Penalties for White Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes can be prosecuted by either the state or federal government. In either scenario, penalties for white collar crimes don’t differ much from violent crimes: Some are misdemeanors punishable by up to a year in jail, others may be felonies where a convicted person can be sentenced to 5 or more years behind bars. Because white collar crimes are financial in their nature, it is also likely that those convicted of them will be further penalized with fines and restitution as permitted by law.

Beyond one’s sentencing, other penalties may apply outside of court. Those who are licensed financial professionals – such as Certified Public Accountants, stock brokers, financial advisors, etc. – may have their licenses revoked and may no longer be able to continue their careers. Even those who regain their licensing may find it difficult to recover from the blow to their reputation.

It’s for all of these reasons that you must consult a white collar crime lawyer near Tulsa if you fear you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime!

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Enlow Law can help clients defend against criminal accusations, including those involving white collar crime. Any criminal conviction can have life-altering effects that can have adverse impacts on someone’s life. If the charges against you are unfair or poorly founded, we will work as hard as possible to help you demonstrate this in court. We will also ensure the justice system treats you fairly throughout this difficult process so that your rights are not violated.

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