J. Andrew Enlow

J. Andrew Enlow is admitted to practice in:

  • State of Oklahoma
  • Northern District of Oklahoma
  • Western District of Oklahoma
  • Creek Nation
  • Cherokee Nation
  • Osage Nation
  • Iowa Nation
  • Choctaw Nation
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“Andy,” the founder of the firm, is originally from Dallas, TX. Prior to practicing law, Andy was a General Contractor and Real Estate Developer in Highland Park, Dallas, as well as the surrounding the areas. After the market dipped in the late 80s due to the “Savings and Loan Crisis,” Andy decided a law degree would be a beneficial asset to his Real Estate career. Andy choose to attend the University of Tulsa thinking he would return to Texas and continue his Real Estate career. However, Andy decided to practice law and enjoyed the process so much that he never looked back. He has been practicing law since 1996.

Andy is principally interested in Collection law, Real Estate, and Construction litigation. Over the last twenty-five years, Andy has filed over 25,000 lawsuits. He has a success rate of approximately 99%. Due to his multi-career experience, Andy is a uniquely astute businessman, in addition to being a lawyer. He prides himself on his logic, simplicity, and practicality.

Personally, Andy is Zach’s father. He has been married for fifty-two years and he has four children and four grandchildren. He is an amateur historian of the Civil War and the Old West, and he loves comfort food and animals, especially dogs.