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Are you involved in a dispute over claims of negligence by a construction professional? Negligence claims in the construction industry are quite common. These claims can range from defective workmanship to lack of safety equipment or protocols at a construction site.

If you need legal guidance or representation to address a claim of construction negligence, you can find trusted counsel from the team at Enlow Law. One of our firm’s primary practice areas is Oklahoma construction law. We have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses involved in disputes over negligence in this field for decades. Whether you are a contractor, design professional, real estate investor, homeowner, or another party, our Oklahoma construction negligence lawyers can analyze your situation to determine the best course of action for an efficient resolution.

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What Is Construction Negligence in Oklahoma?

Construction negligence is the poor quality of work by a construction company, constructor, or builder in regards to the design, planning, supervision, or inspection of a new real estate project. Alleged negligence can lead to claims of unworkmanlike construction or claims that the new building has failed in some aspect of its performance.

Construction negligence and/or deficiencies can be categorized as:

  • Defects in design
  • Defects in materials
  • Construction defects
  • Subsurface defects

Negligence can include problems with:

  • Foundations
  • Framing
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Soil
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Protection against moisture (which can lead to mold)
  • Drainage
  • Heating and cooling

For example, negligence in the application of roofing materials or defects in the materials themselves can lead to leaks and the degradation of interior spaces as well as structural support. Other examples include cracked foundations or walls or window leaks, all of which can create a compromised product for buyers or owners.

Construction Defect Statute of Limitations

In Oklahoma, the statute of limitations for a construction defect claim after discovering the defect is five years for a construction contract and two years for a construction tort. This is outlined in the Oklahoma Statutes, Title 12, § 109.

However, there are some exceptions to this general rule. For example, suppose the construction defect is hidden or not apparent. In that case, the statute of limitations may be extended to ten years from the date of substantial completion of the construction project. 

It's important to note that these time limits may vary depending on the case's specific circumstances, so it's always a good idea to consult with a qualified Tulsa construction attorney if you have questions about the statute of limitations for a particular construction defect claim in Oklahoma.

Consult with Tulsa's Trusted Construction Defect Lawyers

Whatever side of the dispute you may be on, you should take advantage of professional counsel from a trusted attorney. Enlow Law has earned a place as a leader in construction litigation throughout the area due to our high standards of integrity and service.

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Oklahoma Construction Negligence & Defects FAQ

  1. What are common types of construction defects? Common types include structural defects, water intrusion issues, defective materials, faulty workmanship, and design deficiencies.
  2. Who can be held liable for construction defects? Various parties may be liable, including contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, developers, and suppliers, depending on their roles in the project.
  3. What damages can I recover for construction defects? You may be entitled to compensation for repair costs, diminution in property value, loss of use, inconvenience, and in some cases, punitive damages.
  4. How long do I have to file a construction defect claim in Oklahoma? The statute of limitations for construction defect claims in Oklahoma is typically two to ten years, depending on the type of defect and when it was discovered.

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